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We have limited time to solve the environmental crisis and address the climate emergency. We believe that empowering people with the knowledge and tools to take action in their communities can make a big impact.
We are looking for young people with convictions to do something about the problem. We look for commitment and availability before ability, so if you’ve got that get in touch. You will be supported with the skills and network to make a change!

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Ways you
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Start a Club

We encourage our members across the country to initiative green clubs in schools, campuses and communities. The Movement will support with context relevant training and learning materials for leaders and the clubs.

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Raise Awareness

Do you want to host an event to raise awareness about an environmental issue you are passionate about? Let us know! We will be glad to support you!

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Grow a Tree

Our members also undertake tree planting exercises. We emphasize and encourage people to grow trees (planting and nurturing trees to grow), rather than just planting them. Thinking about growing a tree, get in touch with us!

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Clean a Beach

We host regular beach clean-ups and join other groups and organisations to do same. Fancy a beach clean up to protect the ocean and its life forms? Please contact us!

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