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Green Club in Schools (GCS)

The GCS engages secondary school students and school clubs in after-school lessons and green school activities, facilitated by teachers trained with a multi-stakeholder validated GCS curriculum and relevant learning materials…

Ghana Young Environmentalist Programme (GYEP)

GYEP was launched in August 2020 to train and empower the next generation of young environmentalists and activists in Ghana The 12-month long programme accepted young people between the ages…

Culture4Nature Project

According to Global Forest Watch, Ghana lost 101kha of its natural forest, equivalent to 62.9 metric tons of carbon emissions in 2021. The alarming rate at which we are losing…


The Kyensu project is aimed at addressing water inequality in some of Accra’s urban poor communities. The first Kyensu kiosk was built in Treba, a low-income peri-urban community in the…

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