GYEP Introductory Session: Answers to your Questions

GYEP Introductory Session: Answers to your Questions

Q: Is there any WhatsApp group if yes kindly add me and share the softcopy on the platform

A: We do not have a WhastApp group for Ghana Young Environmentalist Programme (GYEP) participants at the moment. We will let you know as soon as such a group is created.

Q: Please talking of the cyberbullying can you report an abuse of a person that is not a member to GYEM?

A: If the abused person or the person committing the abuse is a selected participant of GYEP, then yes, this can be reported to us. If all the abused persons involved are not part of GYEP, then you should escalate the abuse and report to the appropriate institutions, as indicated in our Safeguarding Policy made available to participants.

Q: Please does this programme involved with meeting you face to face?

A: Yes, the programme involves face to face meetings, kindly refer to your information pack sent to all of you after you were selected.

Q: Can I get the soft copy [of presentations]?

A: Yes, all soft copies would be emailed to participants few days after the sessions

Q: Can we consider a vigorous national campaign against the harvesting of rosewood in the five northern regions of Ghana?

A: Yes, we can. Participants who show interest in such a campaign can reach out to GYEM to discuss this further. Also, you can consider this campaign for the 3rd phase of the programme which involves participants designing their own activities and events with support from GYEM.

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