Ghana Youth Environmental Movement Stands in Solidarity with #EndSARSNow

Ghana Youth Environmental Movement Stands in Solidarity with #EndSARSNow

We at Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) stand in solidarity with the #EndSarsNow protests in Nigeria.

First and foremost, we are appalled and angry at the shooting of protesters by armed military personnel, and call on the Nigerian President and the Government to stop this perpetuation of violence against citizens with legitimate concerns. As an environmental movement which believes in, and relies on direct action and protests to campaign against systemic injustice of people and planet, we are also not immune to police brutality and other forms of oppression. GYEM therefore considers the use of violence against Nigerian protesters as a heinous act against our Movement too.

We will not keep silent over such atrocious handling of a legitimate expression of democracy. Protests are part of democratic societies, and hence the violent crushing of it, an action compromising the rule of law and ushering in chaos and insecurity.

GYEM will continue to urge the Nigerian Government, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU) to act swiftly in addressing the current situation and listen to the demands of the youth and citizens.

We support our brothers and sisters in Nigeria and stand with you all in these times. We shall overcome!

#EndSarsNow #EndPoliceBrutality.

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