Green Schools in Ghana

Green Schools in Ghana

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SAS4SD 1 (2)

The GSG will engage secondary school students and school clubs in after-school lessons and green school activities, facilitated by teachers trained with a multi-stakeholder validated GSG curriculum and relevant learning materials. Using an action-based learning approach, the program will educate students on context-specific topics related to the daily environmental challenges encountered in their communities. It will also empower them with entrepreneurial skills to initiate student-led practical field activities and projects, aimed at addressing the broad range of environmental challenges connected to the impacts of climate change. Lessons delivered and field projects undertaken will have a wider national policy outlook. The project is been developed in partnership with the swissuniversities SAS4SD Consortia for Education and Research. GYEM is currently looking for funding partners for this proposed project which will last for an initial 2 years period in 2 selected pilot schools and replicated nationwide afterwards.

About our partners SAS4SD

The Science Action in Schools for Sustainable Development (SAS4SD) project brings together expertise from Swiss institutions of higher education in partnership with institutions in Ghana and Cameroon, to collectively develop and implement teaching programs for science curricula that will, through interactive engagement, enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of scientific theory, data and applications, and at the same time link theory to practice to raise awareness about sustainable development goals and ways to achieve these goals. SAS4SD is active in Ghana since 2018 and is currently testing 2 teaching material modules that it developed on “Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation” and on “Climate Smart Cocoa Production” in St. Monica’s SHS and Bibiani SHTS.