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Power Shift Ghana

Power Shift Ghana

Power Shift is the largest youth-led climate and environmental gathering in Ghana. As the flagship event of GYEM, it is held annually to highlight and respond to the pressing environmental challenge of the time. The idea is to unite as many young people as possible around an extremely important issue and share ideas about addressing it collectively as a Movement. Our inaugural Power Shift was in 2014 and the most recent one was during the Africa Climate Week in Accra in March 2019, where an NVDA training preceded a mass rally on the streets of Accra, involving more than 300 youth activists from Ghana, other African countries and the International Climate Movement.

Why Power Shift?

Training for the Movement: We share with members the tools, techniques and technology available to take action on the environment in their communities and at the national level. We spend time equipping young people with the basics of NVDA, and ideas for running successful public advocacy campaigns.

Capacity to Engage: Power Shift is also a platform to empower the Movement with the information, knowledge and processes required to be able to engage government, decision-makers and state actors on key policy issues.

Collaboration: Through the event, we can form alliances, develop new partnerships and strengthen old ones. Prioritising networking and working with different groups help the Movement to build a voice and strength commensurate to the prevailing environmental challenge we want to address.

Making a Statement: With Power Shift, we can make a statement about the power of our Movement to make a change. We showcase our strength and the ability to organise and mobilise around a pressing environmental issue. We convey a powerful message that we can shift power by influencing the messaging of the media and the decisions of the government.

Partners: In the past, we have collaborated with the following youth groups and organisations for Power Shift:

Ghana Youth Climate Coalition (GYCC)


Ako Foundation

Clean Up Ghana

Climate Watch Ghana

Green Ghanaian

IHAV Foundation

Easy Taxi


Hipsters of Nature

Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO)

G-ROC (350 Ghana)

Youth Volunteers for the Environment (YVE-Ghana)

African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC)