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Single-Use Plastics Campaign

We are calling for legislation on single-use plastics (SUPs) in Ghana. The campaign, with the hashtag #BanSingleUseGh, is demanding that the Government of Ghana enforce a ban on SUPs and…

Power Shift Ghana

Power Shift is the largest youth-led climate and environmental gathering in Ghana. As the flagship event of GYEM, it is held annually to highlight and respond to the pressing environmental…

Climate Strike (#FridaysforFuture)

Following Greta Thunberg’s sole strike in August 2018, there have been increasing waves of climate strikes by young people all over the globe, demanding action on climate change. Realising the…


We are currently supporting A Rocha Ghana on the #SaveAtewa campaign. This seeks to prevent the Government of Ghana (GoG) from mining bauxite at the Atewa forest range, as part…

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