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Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) Champions Cleanliness at #SaveGhanaFootball Demonstration

Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) Champions Cleanliness at #SaveGhanaFootball Demonstration

Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) Champions Cleanliness at #SaveGhanaFootball Demonstration

Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) made a profound impact during the #SaveGhanaFootball demonstration which took place in Accra on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2024. The organisation supported demonstrators to manage trash effectively to prevent littering on the principal streets of the city and other important public spaces.

A team of volunteers from GYEM, a leading youth-led environmental advocacy and campaign group in the country, supported demonstrators right from the Obra Spot at Kwame Nkrumah Circle where the protest began to the finish point at the iconic Independence Square.  The volunteers, equipped with jute bags, trailed the demonstration route, collecting trash left behind by participants. Demonstrators were encouraged to dispose of their rubbish responsibly, either by directly handing it to the GYEM team or by gently placing it on the ground for collection. Importantly, participants were reminded of the importance of refraining from littering in gutters, which poses significant environmental hazards and a risk factor for Accra’s perennial flooding.

⁠Speaking to the press, GYEM’s team leader Rosalyn Ocran indicated that the organisation was motivated to support the protest with waste management because of the collective passion its members share for both football and environment. She also added that the city has seen littering of the environment during past demonstrations which burdens city authorities who spend money to clean it up. In response to this, GYEM wanted to show the way and encourage politically active citizens to adopt environmentally friendly practices during mass street protests. The results of GYEM's efforts were tangible, with the collection tallying an impressive eight jute sacks of trash. This remarkable feat underscores GYEM's unwavering dedication to preserving the cleanliness of our streets and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Saddick Adams, a Sports Journalist and one of the conveners of #SaveGhanaFootball praised the efforts, indicating that every piece of trash produced during the protest was collected thereby clearing up their plastic footprint entirely.

As young advocates for environmental sustainability and positive social change in Ghana, GYEM recognizes the connection between a clean environment and the well-being of our society. By actively participating in events like the #SaveGhanaFootball demonstration, the organisation demonstrates their commitment to shaping a brighter and cleaner future for our nation.


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