Announcing 21 Days of Atewa ACTION

Announcing 21 Days of Atewa ACTION

Ghana Youth Environmental Movement (GYEM) is announcing 21-days of action to stop the Government of Ghana from mining bauxite in Atewa forest range.

Here is the campaign in 6 questions and answers:

  1. What is the name of this campaign?


  1. What is the Issue?

Government of Ghana wants to mine bauxite at Atewa forest range with Chinese funding in a US$2 billion deal, which will see the Chinese firm Sinohydro building infrastructure in Ghana, and China having access to our bauxite proceeds.

  1. What is wrong with this move?

Activists and conservationists warn that mining bauxite in the forest will destroy biodiversity and pollute the water source of about 5 million Ghanaians. Read more about Atewa forest here on A Rocha Ghana’s website :

  1. What is the current status of this issue?

A Rocha Ghana, activists and campaigners including GYEM have sued the Government of Ghana, hoping that the legal action will stop the plan. Read about the suit here:

The Attorney General (AG), representing the Government has prayed the court to dismiss the case. Official court proceedings are yet to begin though. Read about the AG response to the suit here:

  1. So why is #VoteAtewa campaign necessary at this time?

The NPP led-government is promising (bauxite-financed) infrastructure for Ghanaians as a campaign message if voted to retain power. We want to counter this narrative by saying that this is not in the best interest of Ghanaians, and hence #VoteAtewa is representing the voices of biodiversity, non-human nature and 5 million Ghanaians at risk of the impacts of Atewa bauxite mining. #VoteAtewa is simply rejecting bauxite mining and protecting people and the environment from exploitation and destruction.

  1. How long is the campaign?

21 Days from November 16 – December 6. The direct action day is however Wednesday 18 November 2020

To join or support:

WhatsApp: +233 555 253 841


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